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Custom Baseball Jerseys nt cities and civilizations that were lost for unknown reasons. Some of these stories were eventually proven to be true, some have been dismissed as legends, and a few hover between the two realms. In the last few decades, as technology advanced and more sophisticated marine archaeology tools and equipment were developed, mankind has unveiled some astonishing ancient underwater cities that some experts say may provide some slivers of truth to those previously dismissed stories. The palace and temple complex from which Cleopatra ruled over Egypt was a vast area and an extension of the city of Alexandria[2]. Cleopatra was the last Egyptian Greek speaking ruler before the Roman Empire took over the land, and her royal quarters were comprised of several islands of palaces and temples, military outposts and ports. Two devastating earthquakes over 1600 years ago caused this land to sink into the sea, and all of its treasures became encased in sediment and hidden from man by natural limestone blocks that settled over them. After years of excavation of Alexandria harbor seabed, a team of archaeologists found the royal site that had been described by Greek historians over 2000 years ago. A large percentage of the treasures remained intact Cheap Cycling Jerseys because of their sediment wrappings, and the scenes in the story of Cleopatra and Mark Anthony can now be better visualized because of these findings. Among the astonishing artifacts that were found a huge stone head of Cleopatra and Julius Caesar son, Caesarion, and two sphinxes, one of which is thought to represent Ptolemy XII, Cleopatra father. There were several more finds, like a temple to Isis, a pharaoh engraving on a massive quartzite block brought from Heliopolis (modern day Cairo), and smaller objects, like ceramics, statues, bronze and lead vessels, and amulets. UNESCO is now helping Egypt with an underwater museum to showcase the ruins. Eventually, tourists will be able to gawk at some extremely old, but gorgeous art. Until then, there a US based travelling exhibition called The Exhibition that you can catch. The exhibits include about 150 artifacts from the Cleopatra underwater palace complex. Submerged Ruins off the Coast of Yonaguni Jima, Japan Just off the coast of the Japanese island of Yonaguni Jima, lie submerged pyramid like rock formations that many archaeologists say are manmade, or at least carved out of natural formations by man. A diver first found the formations in 1986, and the site has since become a College Football Jersey hotspot for tourist and research divers. Some sceptics say that they are natural sandstone formations because sandstone tends to break along straight planes, especially in areas with seismic activity. However, many feel that they can be explained away because the complexity of the formations can only mean human involvement. Divers have found rocks sculpted into animal forms and carved faces that some experts say have Chinese or Okinawan features. Since this site lies in the Pacific Rim that known for heavy seismic activity, some experts believe that the site was once an ancient 5000 year old city that sunk into the sea after an earthquake that occurred around 2000 years ago. Other puzzling structures include an arch, temples, the ruins of a castle, a stadium and connecting water channels and roads, all of which are partly surrounded by huge walls. Many of the architectural features have similarities to the Incas of South America. 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